How Credit Reporting Agencies Work ?

How do Credit Reporting Agencies Work?

The three major national credit reporting agencies, also called Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), are not government agencies. They are for profit, multi-million dollar national credit corporations that gather and sell your private personal credit information to creditors, insurers, employers, landlords, and companies that market their services to you for credit and insurance offers. The interest rate that you’re charged is based on your credit rating.

They also sell your credit history information to telemarketing and mailing list companies without your permission, and in most cases without your knowledge! They admit that errors occur on consumer credit reports, but they do nothing to correct them. It’s the consumer’s responsibility to make sure that the information is accurate.

If they really cared what was reported, perhaps they would send a copy of credit reports annually requesting verification of the information contained. But they don’t. Instead, reports contain whatever is readily available. The consumer must “prove” that the credit report is inaccurate.

Trinity Enterprises LLC is very different from a non-profit credit counseling agency. We have a unique business model, we work for YOU. We take great pride in each customer concern and develop a strategy to meet their individual needs. Our plan of attack for repairing your credit is a specific strategy with an approach designed to repair your credit rating.

Credit reporting agencies are “sponsored” by major banks and lending companies, and the way they keep their sponsorship is by collecting money for the sponsors! They may say they work for you, but we all know in the end, we all work for whoever pays the bills. This means they are nothing more than 2nd tier collection agencies, sponsored by your lenders and creditors.

The choice is up to you. We have helped countless people regain control of their credit status, and we would like the opportunity to help you! Restoring a good credit rating is essential for those individuals who are negatively impacted by a poor credit history. The most important thing is to understand that having bad credit costs you and is very expensive. Improving your credit can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Whether it be a car, a house or new outfit, it will cost you more when you have bad credit.

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