Credit Scoring

How is my Credit Scored?

Credit reporting agencies do not decide your credit worthiness. That is up to the individual lending organizations which rely heavily on the information supplied in the credit reports. Realistically speaking, most lending organizations will depend almost exclusively on the credit reports and the credit scores provided by and through the CRA’s.

Clearly, your credit score will depend on how correct, current, comprehensive, and complete your credit report is. To the extent that you can correct erroneous negative information contained in your credit report, you can improve your credit score. We invite your to use this site as a tool to make this happen!

What is FICO®?

FICO® is a model of credit scoring, created by a company called Fair, Isaac and Co., Inc. While their model has been kept secret for decades, public pressure and threats by lawmakers have forced this company to disclose more and more of its details. Visit their website, for more information.

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