Be Credit Wise this New Year

Every year, thousands of millenials make credit and debt their new year’s resolutions but fail to succeed Many start off on the right track but lose hope when they don’t see any change in the first few months. What many don’t understand is that you have to create a plan of action first.


You can get free copies of your credit report via once every 12 months. These reports won’t show your FICO scores, but they do show any collections, public records, and positive credit you may currently have on your report. The reporting on these reports are also more accurate than those on CreditKarma.


Why pay thousands of dollars paying off collection companies, when you can pay a reasonable price and get them deleted off of your report? Even if you pay off any collections or negative accounts on your credit, it does not mean that they will delete them. Be bold and put this as a priority. To get a good interest rate on home and car loans, you MUST have good credit.

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Don’t let your credit card’s balances keep increasing. Don’t spend more than you need. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more interest than you would have liked. Instead, put the card with the highest balance away and don’t use it. Pay more than the minimum payment every month, and you will see how fast you can pay it off! As soon as it’s paid off, use the same method with the others!


If you’re looking for a fast way to boost your credit scores, we can add you as an authorized user on a seasoned line of credit. This service is for those who have no positive credit or need more positive credit. Sometimes all you need is a couple more points to get to your goal, and this is a reliable way to get there.

For more information, ask us about our credit booster program.


Take the time to focus on your overall credit. Pay attention to your balances, your negative accounts, your credit history, etc. These all play a major role in reaching your goals. Remember, if you need assistance, call us at 407.831.2525 and give you a free consultation and develop a credit plan to improve your credit through credit restoration and booster strategies. For the best online gaming strategies check out casino hold em slot

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