Will Locking Your Credit Really Benefit You?

With the Equifax Breach that happened earlier this month, with more than 143 million people affected, many are looking for ways to protect themselves against further hacking and fraud. Here at Trinity Enterprises, this terrible situation is being transformed into a positive situation.


The solution many lean towards is locking or freezing their credit. This has its pros and cons, but will it really benefit you? Freezing your credit is a useful and great way to prevent identity theft, but unfortunately it is not 100% secure. Regardless of the freeze on your credit report Big City Maids, you will still have to closely monitor your credit cards and bank accounts. The freeze will prevent anyone from applying for credit using your information, but it will not protect you when it comes to your existing accounts in houston tx.


Locking your credit or placing fraud alerts will not help you in the long run. Building your credit is an ongoing process and freezing your credit during that process is not the wisest solution. You want potential lenders to view your credit report and you want to be constantly improving it.


Here at Trinity Enterprises, we are prepared and ready to protect your credit. You need someone you can trust with your best interest in mind and we have a tailored service that will truly help you. Our Credit Clubs are designed to help you become a credit wise consumer. Let our 13 years of credit expertise monitor and watch your credit on a daily basis. Call us today for more information on our Trinity Credit Clubs at 407.831.2525!

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