Trinity Enterprises LLC Shares about Charge-Off Accounts

Trinity Enterprises LLC has had great success removing charge-off accounts from consumer’s credit reports. Charge-off accounts are often accounts that at one time had positive payment history. Credit card companies generally give an open line of credit to consumers who have been deemed credit worthy. However, sometimes in life, situations happen that cause financial strains such as a death in the family, loss of job, stress, unhealthy emotions, etc. Here at Trinity Enterprises LLC, we understand that these things sometimes cause late payments on accounts such as mortgages, credit cards, car payments, child support, and student loans.

After 180 days with an account being in the “delinquent” status, the account can then be legally charged off.

Most consumers think that if they make a form of payment even if the account is not paid up to date the account will remain open. This is not true and most creditors will close the account and submit the account to collections which follows the charge-off remark listed all many credit reports. It is common that consumers have years of good payment history and fall into one of the trenches of life. In less than a 180 days the account is charged off. Often, the account has more good payment history than negative payment history.

At some point in time the consumer wants to restart the credit rebuilding process. In choosing a credit repair company it is important that you choose a company who understands the credit scoring model. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit scores. Length of credit history is 15 % of the scores. So when the charge off account is challenged and removed, the scores will drop.

It is important that you replace the charge off account with new credit to help offset what scores you may have lost.

Trinity Enterprises LLC is skilled and understands what makes up credit scores and how to get the increase you need to rebuild/re-establish your financial freedom. Although we are an Orlando credit repair company, we are authorized to do business is 49 states and have lenders, realtors nationwide who can attest to the service that we provide. We have relationships who guarantee approval of lines of credit in as much as $5,000. They guarantee this because they understand and know that the consumer is in the rebuilding process.

Most creditors are not willing to take this risk because of the existing credit score or credit history that the consumer may have.

Trinity Enterprises LLC has invested time and money into these relationships and extend them to our customer base. Trade line companies must remain FTC compliant and they also get certain report dates in which they must comply by in order to get data submitted to the credit bureaus. Trinity Enterprises LLC knows these report dates, so they set realistic expectations as to when the line of credit will show on your credit report. After the line of credit has been established, we aid the consumer and help them build a good payment history.

If you are interested in Trinity Enterprises LLC’s credit repair process and services or removing charge-off accounts from your credit report, please contact us at 407.831.2525.


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