New Year, New Credit with Trinity Enterprises LLC

With 2017 coming up around the corner, many of you are already making your new year’s resolutions. Some may be health related like getting a gym membership, losing weight, eating healthier, or getting rid of old habits. Some may even be financial like earning more money, budgeting and saving, or getting out of debt. These are all great resolutions and goals to have coming into the new year and many of you do achieve them!

However, there are some resolutions that can be tougher to achieve. These can include getting approved for a loan, getting a brand new car, or buying a home! Goals such as these require excellent credit, good credit history, and a high credit score. Trinity Enterprises can help to get your credit where it needs to be so that you achieve them this new year. We have come up with a couple of steps to follow in 2017 so that you can get into the home of your dreams as fast as possible.

1. Get your credit report taken care of.

If you have bad credit, or have tons of negatives or delinquencies on your credit report, you will definitely have trouble getting approved for a loan. Trinity Enterprises LLC specializes in removing negative items without you having to pay or settle the debts . Some items we delete include collections, charge-offs, medical bills, late payments, foreclosures, repos, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and more! We truly know the importance of having great, clean credit. We work with YOU, as well as with your realtor, lender, or broker. Credit repair is the first and most crucial step in the process of getting a home or car!

2. Protect your credit history to boost your credit score.

Good credit history does wonders to a credit report. By watching your balances this new year and paying your bills on time, you are one step closer to achieving your goals! If you do not have any positive credit, opening a new line of credit may be in your best interest. Positive credit and credit repair come hand in hand. We help you fix your credit, but also help you open your own lines of credit and teach you how to manage them. Trinity Enterprises LLC also offers credit boosters which can add you as an authorized user to a seasoned credit card, hence giving you both a good credit history and score boost fast!

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While you may have your new year’s resolutions, we have ours as well. Our goal every year is to help those who want a fresh start with their credit and their financial freedom back. Trinity Enterprises LLC is here to serve YOU. It’s going to be a new year filled with new challenges and new blessings and you should not be afraid to start this journey of credit repair and credit card merchant loans. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you this new year!

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