How do Credit Boosters Work? with Trinity Enterprises LLC

When some people think of credit boosters (also known as investor cards or trade-lines), they automatically assume that they are scams in the credit repair industry or that they simply don’t work. Here at Trinity Enterprises LLC, we educate our customers on the benefits of being added to a credit booster and have helped many people boost their credit scores both legally and safely.

When you are added to a credit booster, it means you are being added as a Authorized User on someone else’s existing credit card. Here at Trinity Enterprises LLC we offer a variety of trade-lines which range from high limit credit cards to low balance credit cards to seasoned credit cards. Depending on your current credit, we help our customers by matching them to a card that will benefit them best and boost their scores both quickly and effectively!

After being added to a credit booster, the credit history from that credit card is then “copy and pasted” onto your credit report. This increase in the limit to balance ratio gives you the biggest possible credit score boost! However, Trinity Enterprises LLC wants you to keep in mind that you will NOT have access to the card or the funds it has. It is simply to make your overall report show more open, available revolving credit checks this out

The act of paying someone to be added to another person’s existing credit card account as an Authorized User is legal and is often times called “piggybacking”. This has been verified by many law firms, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank and various Attorney Generals who have looked into this practice and have written articles regarding it. This practice is not very well liked by the credit bureaus, however, Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act protects “credit piggybacking”.

If you would like to find out more about credit boosters or the trade-lines that we have available, feel free to call our office today at 407.831.2525! Trinity Enterprises LLC wants to not only help you fix your credit, but boost your score as well.

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