Trinity Enterprises LLC’s Credit Repair Tips to Obtain a High Credit Score

Ever feel like you just can’t boost your scores? Whether you are just now starting to fix your credit, or have no credit whatsoever, here at Trinity Enterprises LLC, we have very useful tips for you on how to improve your credit report and overall score.

1. Watch your balances.

If having a high credit score is one of your goals, you must be consistent when it comes to obtaining a high credit score. Boosting scores can be a long and tough process if you do not know what you are doing. The first and most important tip is to watch your balances. Credit card debt is easy to get in to, but not easy to get out of. By having high credit card balances, your score decreases. The best way to get a high credit score is to keep your balances low and keep it under 30% of the total limit.

2. Get your credit report fixed.

If you have negatives such as collections, late payments, medical bills, charge offs, bankruptcies, etc., credit repair could be a very good option for you to increase your scores. When a negative gets removed, you get the points you lost back! Here at Trinity Enterprises LLC, we aim to help others remove the negatives off of their report without them having to settle or pay the debts, as well as help them build a positive credit history.

3. Have someone add you as an authorized user.

If you have no positive credit whatsoever, being added to a credit card as an authorized user is also a great option. You can easily ask a family member, a friend or even a company who offers the program. By being added as an authorized user, you obtain that card’s credit history. However, keep in mind that your credit is then being affected by the person using the card and can harm your credit if the person who added you is not responsible. Trinity Enterprises LLC offers investor cards which suit the needs of many people with little or no credit at all.

4. Open a secured credit card.

Now, maybe you have tried to obtain positive and applied for a new credit card but did not get approved. Opening a secured card could be right for you. A secured credit card uses the money you place as a deposit, and they don’t run your credit in the process. This is a great option for those with bad or no credit. Obtaining a high credit score takes time, consistency, and discipline when it comes to paying your bills. No matter what you do, you have options when it comes to improving your credit score. The most important thing to do is be patient and stay on top of your credit report.

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